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Seriously, none of the glossy travel Insta-blogs talks about how stressful it is sometimes to be you.  Even with all the technology available to us today, nobody talks about how daunting it is to look for public Wi-Fi and try to not get lost in a new country. Why? Perhaps because for travel addicts like you, the experience of the new culture and exciting opportunities outweigh all the hustle.

But let's face it. Your life and job revolves around being online, being available for your loved ones and business partners, having access to information.

And no matter how beautiful the place is, hustle is a hustle.

This is why we have made it our job to make the lives of expert travelers easier. Nommi connects you to the internet at the moment you land in a new destination. Without the hassle of searching for the public Wi-Fi, buying a SIM, overpaying for roaming and ending up with a crappy speed, Nommi connects you like a pro.