Travel the world on your own terms

...with the world’s most innovative 4G hotspot and power bank in an elegant case.


You can stay connected

... both abroad and at home


    • eSim in over 100 countries

    • Wi-Fi map of the world

    • Charge your phone

    • Save your files via microSD slot

    • Pay as you go

    • Insert a local SIM card

  • at HOME

    Wi-Fi map of your city

    Charge your phone on the go

    Save your files with microSD

    Add Wi-Fi spots and earn free traffic

    Share your Nommi to friends on vacations

Travel like an expert

Forget redundant data roaming and SIM-cards switching, Nommi’s eSim technology automatically connects you to the local providers at a nearly local cost. Service available in over 100 countries!

Never ask for Wi-Fi in cafes

Connect to the best Wi-Fi available around you without ever asking for a password. Access 4 million networks across the globe with Nommi’s innovative ARON™ technology.

Stay charged

Depending on the model of your phone, Nommi can fully charge your phone up to 3 times with the built-in power bank and wireless Qi charger.  

Protect your privacy with VPN

Protect your privacy with our built-in VPN feature. Moreover, VPN allows you to access your favorite content no matter where you are.


Nommi covers over 160 countries


This small gadget is a real Robin-Hood: it allows you to get away from your expensive roaming data to affordable close-to-local rates and is helpful both in your country and abroad.

Got mine in the US, so happy to actually hold it in my hands! I just wanted to say how beautiful it is! Great job, Nommi team!

We’ve all been in this familiar situation before. You traveled outside the country and needed to use an Internet service or Wi-Fi only to find out it cost you arm and leg. One startup is on a mission to change just that.